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Think of us as your personal loan shopper. The market has been turbulent these days,
we can help you navigate the fast changing loan environment to find tailored solutions.

Purchase Refi & Cash-out

Our proprietary loan shopping method helps you find tailored options with the top Lenders.

Good For
Lowering payments to free up cash
Consolidating high-interest debt
Home Purchase & Cash out

Mortgage Hardship Programs

Are you behind on mortgage payments and need a fresh start? See if you qualify.

Good For
60 days or more behind on payments
Pre-foreclosure or Foreclosure ok
Bankruptcy and Low Credit score ok

Here is how it works

We don’t solely rely on technology, we actually pickup the phone to negotiate for you with our proprietary method to get tailor fit offers.

See what our customers are saying

The business & consumer community have spoken, it’s time to rethink how we shop for mortgage help.

Verified Credentials, verified results.

Community of Trust

Lenders Portal Direct is a part of BBB’s vision to support an ethical market place based on mutual trust between buyers and sellers.

Knowledge through sharing

5 star rating year after year has put Lenders Portal Direct among the top of trusted shopping services. Efficient, direct, and with usable options for many consumers.

Proudly Serving Our Heroes

We celebrate and support our heroes during this challenging time. Essential workers, military veterans, police, firefighters, medical

“ I tried working with my lender for 2 months to get help before it was clear it was not going to happen. I’m self employed and my lender said I didn’t have the proper documentation and gave me the run around. I called LPD, talked to Stephen, great guy. Ran the application, got me an approval in 2 days. When the processed finished my interest rate dropped to 3.75% and they saved me $285.00 per month. Highly recommend, especially for Self employed people! ”

Sarah Ann
Boise, ID

“ I tried to work with my lender directly and felt like I was getting the runaround. Tried with the National Mortgage Assistance center, they could not help because I was 5 months behind. I talked to Alina at Lenders Portal Direct, professional, direct, and fair. They got me current and time to catch up on other bills, highly recommend LPD! ”

Edison, NJ

Why are we different?

Simple, we are real people with classic business principles. We are your personal shopper to help get you the best deal and bounce ideas off of. No wrestling with a phone maze to reach a real person, no bots. You remember those days? Your home needs are not automated and cookie-cutter so neither is our process. Even if we can’t help, we will pass on some knowledge to point you in a good direction. Worse case, you get helpful information and make a new friend.



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