We believe in keeping business and jobs local providing a strong community which helps your home value and livelihood. We take a personal approach to shopping your loan with fully licensed and accredited local lenders to find the right loan to fit your personal financial and investment goals.

1. Application & Consultation

As with all of our programs we will walk you through the application process and discuss possible strategies so you can make a more informed decision about the loan that fits your personal situation and investment goals.

2. Qualify & Select a Lender

We begin shopping local fully licensed and accredited lenders to find you the best rate possible. Keeping business and jobs local for a stronger community. If we do not find the perfect fit among local lenders we expand our search statewide then nationwide if needed. Each lender will be responsible for providing you a quote directly.

3. Enrollment & Document

Once your accredited lender is selected we assist you in the collection of required documents and submit them for processing.

4. Closing

Upon approval from the lender you select, they will guide you through the appraisal process, underwriting and close of your loan quickly, all from the comfort of your home.


Competition = Savings

Local Lenders

We shop local lenders for the best rates. Keeping jobs local, strengthening community and home values.

Statewide Lenders

If local lenders does not meet your goals we expand our search statewide to increase competition.

Nationwide Lenders

In cases where clients cannot meet local or state qualifying criteria we expand our search nationwide to give us additional competition and opportunities to meet your financial goals.

Lenders Portal Direct only works with fully licensed and accredited lenders, mortgage brokers and real estate professionals.